Celebrating 45 Million Players Simultaneous Worldwide Challenge Final Results

The Simultaneous Worldwide Challenge was held in celebration of Love Live! School Idol Festival surpassing 45 million users worldwide. Below are the much-awaited final results!

See here for challenge details.

✨Fun for Everyone✨
Simultaneous Worldwide Challenge
Final Results

We would like to thank everyone for participating!

With Steps 1 and 2 completed, all 11 rewards will be implemented in-game.


The following rewards were accessed by completing the two missions for Step 1.

Initial Mission: 4,500 Retweets and Shares

The initial mission was to Retweet and Share the announcements made on November 13 JST a total of 4,500 times worldwide. This mission was quickly cleared, giving players access to all of the available rewards.

Four additional rewards were added to this lineup as a thank you for the support shown by players, and over 25,000 Retweets and Shares on the initial announcements.

Bonus Mission: 39,000 Retweets and Shares

New announcements posted on November 30 JST received over 39,000 Retweets and Shares worldwide.

This gave players access to two more rewards.

The implementation dates for the above 11 rewards will be announced at a later date on the official website and in-game.

Thank you for your participation in the ✨Fun for Everyone✨Simultaneous Worldwide Challenge!

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival.